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Retreats in the Time of COVID

May 20, 2022
re·treat. verb: withdraw to a quiet or secluded place.




Withdraw to a quiet or secluded place


A quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.

After months of quarantine, it may sound counterintuitive to need a retreat, but now more than ever, a carefully planned and executed retreat could be beneficial on both a business and a personal level.

As businesses alter their operations, those who respond, versus react, to the changing environment will have a better chance of navigating a roadmap back to success. A retreat is a way to slow down, recharge, and relax while also building a positive approach to adapting to the change around us. The spacious lawns, barn, tent, and dining areas at Rainbow Ranch are large enough to accommodate social distancing, along with the quality AV equipment you need to run your meetings. Plus, we have seen some exceptional team building take place on fishing trips, skiing adventures, horseback trail rides, as well as exploring Yellowstone National Park. Start the day with a cup of coffee surrounded by mountains as you enjoy views of the Gallatin River from our property.

These past months weddings, graduations, and other family gatherings were put on the backburner, and while it was necessary and understandable, it was also disappointing. As your family and friends feel safe to travel again, reserving the Ranch for your own group is a great way to have a safe and fun gathering.

We have 21 rooms available on the premises but can accommodate more people during the day while still safely social distancing. Our elegant infinity pool outdoor hot tub is large enough for a handful of people to soak at a time. Sitting under the dark skies looking at the mass of stars is nothing short of peaceful.

And have we mentioned our new chef? Brian came to us at the end of June and is earning rave reviews from both local diners as well as tourists.

More than ever, taking a break from the news cycle, social media, and the pandemic can be beneficial for emotional and mental well-being. Come visit, we would love to take care of you.

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